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We are delighted to welcome you to Villa Vicha, our corner of paradise in Aubais, 30 minutes from Nîmes and Montpellier. Our establishment is a haven of peace surrounded by nature where you can stay in our Danish wooden chalets, offering a unique and independent experience. We offer many services to enhance your weekend, vacation or business trip.

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Between Nîmes and Montpellier
An ideal base

Located in the charming village of Aubais, the Villa Vicha benefits from a privileged location, between the sea and mountain, in an exceptional natural environment. Just 30 minutes from Nîmes and Montpellier, you can easily discover the riches of these two emblematic cities of southern France.

But that's not all, since our establishment is also located near the Mediterranean beaches, accessible in around thirty minutes. And for hiking enthusiasts and mountain activities, the Cévennes are only an hour and a half drive away.  

The geographical location of Villa Vicha is ideal for those who wish to discover the wonders of Gard and its surroundings while enjoying a soothing natural setting and atypical accommodation and comfortable.

The Roman vestige Gard's Bridge

The Pont du Gard, an emblematic monument of the region, is a Roman aqueduct bridge built more than 2000 years ago. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its exceptional architecture. Visiting the Pont du Gard is an unmissable experience for anyone who wishes to discover the ingenuity of its designers and the unique natural setting that makes it surrounds.

A medieval town Sommières

Sommières, Small Town of Character, was built around the Vidourle river. In Antiquity, in the 1st century AD. JC, the Roman Bridge was built under the orders of the Emperor Tiberius. This work of 21 arches and nearly 200 meters allows the Roman Road, linking Nîmes to Toulouse, to cross Vidourle. Today, this bridge is one of the rare inhabited bridges in Europe, like the Ponte Vecchio.
Established on the rocky spur since the 11th century, the castle has experienced numerous assaults and transformations of which some visible elements remain. Occupied first by the family of Bermond d'Anduze and Sauve, Louis IX took possession in the 13th century. He made it a real fortress, endowing it with a chapel which, over time, underwent numerous alterations, linked to the wars of religion. Protestants, notably women, were prisoners there, and militarys stayed there.
Nowadays, guided by a creative scenography and playful in the chapel, the public discovers the history of the city and the castle going up time…
Today, part of the town of Sommières is classified as a protected sector, and a heritage conservation and restoration policy has been implemented.

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“French Rome” Nimes

Nîmes, nicknamed the “French Rome” because of its numerous ancient remains, is a city rich in history and heritage. Just 24 kilometers from Villa Vicha, it is an essential stopover for culture and architecture lovers. Don't miss visiting the Arènes of Nîmes, the Temple of Diane or the Maison Carrée, the one of the best preserved temples of Antiquity. The cobbled streets of the center are full of charming boutiques, typical restaurants and welcoming terraces for a sunny gourmet break.

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And its famous comedy square Montpellier

Montpellier is a dynamic and lively city, located just 37 kilometers from the Villa Visha. Known for its medieval architecture and its cobbled streets, it is also famous for its student life, its festive atmosphere and its rich cultural heritage. The Place de la Comédie is the heart of the city, a lively place where you can stroll, go shopping or even taste the local specialties. Montpellier is an unmissable cultural destination with its numerous museums, theaters and festivals throughout the year.

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The Camargue La Grande Motte, Le Grau du Roi and Aigues Mortes

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, Le Grau du Roi (31 km), Aigues Mortes (25 km) and La Grande Motte (28 km) are three essential towns in our region. Le Grau du Roi is a charming fishing port, renowned for its fine sand beach and its relaxed lifestyle. Aigues Mortes is a fortified medieval city, with its imposing ramparts and cobbled streets full of charm. Finally, La Grande Motte is a modern seaside resort, known for its original architecture and for its 7 kilometer fine sand beach.

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The city of the popes Avignon

Located 71 kilometers from Villa Vicha, Avignon is a must-see city. The city is especially famous for its imposing Palace of the Popes, a symbol of the power of the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. Strolling through the cobbled streets of the old town allows you to discover many other architectural gems, such as the Saint-Bénézet Bridge, the Calvet Museumor even the Place de l'Horloge. Avignon is a leading cultural destination, notably thanks to its famous theater festival, which takes place every summer.

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For all ages Outdoor activities

The Villa Vicha is ideally located for nature lovers and outdoor activity enthusiasts. The surrounding area offers a multitude of activities, including hiking or cycling through natural trails, climbing in the surrounding mountains or even discovering the magnificent Gardon gorges by canoe. Golf enthusiasts will also be able to enjoy the world-renowned courses in the region, such as the Golf de Nîmes Vacquerolles or the Golf from Montpellier Massane